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Thank you for your interest in Sun Surety Insurance Company. We've tried to answer frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, please contact us. Thank you!

In which states is Sun Surety Insurance Company currently admitted to do business?

Surety Surety Insurance Company is currently admitted in: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IN, KS, LA, MD, MN, MS, MO, MT, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA, WY, and WV.

How do I become a Sun Surety Insurance Company Member?

We would like to extend the opportunity for you to become a Sun Surety Insurance Company member by simply completing either the e-mail application. Click "Apply Online" now.

Across the U.S.

Sun Surety Insurance Company is licensed in 42 U.S. States currently.